The largest census of Czechoslovak UX professionals

Thanks to everyone who completed the questionnaire. We are already working hard to prepare the results.
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We want to map the current state of the Slovak and Czech UX market

Our goal is to find out where we have moved in the last few years. By the second mapping, we want to capture the trends of its development. And also the impact of Covid on our work. For example, how UX designers currently work in large companies and what are their favorite tools. What methods do they use most often, where and in which field did they study, etc.? The questionnaire is completely anonymous because we also ask about various more sensitive questions, such as salary evaluation, satisfaction with the current situation, and the like.
Bob Marvan
Miška Kočiová
Ivana Jíleková
Jitka Bartošová
Lukáš Miško
Laďka Zbiejczuk Suchá
Lukáš Andel
Jáchym Kubáček